Scrapbook proofreading

My only scrapbook page inspired by a blog post.

I have been scrapbooking digitally for a few years, and I'm feeling ready to start printing. I have tweaked some of the layouts so many times that I almost think I have to print them, just so I'll stop messing around with the pages that are done and move on—I'm still working on 2008, and I think Tiger Lily is starting to feel bad that she only sees me working on pictures of Red Chief, never herself.

In any case, I'm now in the proofreading and double- and triple-checking stage for 2004–2007. Hooray!

Here is the list of things I'm going over before I have my pages printed. If you can think of anything else I should do, please feel free to chime in.

  • Expand some of the descriptions (I want these books to bring back memories, so I'm trying to write a little more about our life instead of just labeling the pictures)
  • Check for accuracy (i.e., names match pictures and are in the correct order)
  • Check that nothing is crooked, covered up, in a weird spot, etc.
  • Run spell check! (I did this on my first album and was floored to find several typos that I've been overlooking for years, possibly due to the fact that most of my captions are in 9-point fonts)
  • Have Mr. Mordecai look things over
  • Re-package the files (I don't think this is necessary in most programs, but in Adobe InDesign, which I use, the files are linked, not embedded, in my pages, and re-packaging will save me a lot of headaches later in case I move or delete things on my hard drive)
  • Export the files to PDF (probably only necessary with my weird scrapbooking setup; I know most scrapbookers don't use InDesign)
  • Export to high-resolution JPG
  • Delete old versions of the scrapbook and label new files as final
  • Send JPGs out for printing (I've printed here in the past (and was happy with it), but I'm thinking of going here this time, because I can get highest quality prints for cheaper, and they get good reviews)
  • Back up files on DVD (InDesign files, PDFs, and JPGs)
Um, now that I write that all out, it sounds exhausting! But it will drive me absolutely batty if I get this wrong—I can't stand misspellings and typos and such! Partly for this reason, I am opting for an album instead of a book, so if I notice something wrong after printing, I can have the page re-printed and replace it easily. But I want to have it right the first time, since printing costs at least $2 per page.

It will feel good to have a hard copy. The program I'm using is a bit old, and if anything should happen to it, I don't think I will be spending $700 to replace it (we bought our version at student pricing when Mr. Mordecai was still in college). I don't want all my hard work to be stuck in files that may be inaccessible some day!

Description replaced by gobbledegook to protect our privacy. :)


  1. Ummm...are you writing in English in this post? J/K I'm not very good at digital scrap booking and I wish I was. I can't figure out how to use photoshop at all. Boo. Glad to know someone else is a nutter about typos too!

    1. Photoshop is hard, and so is InDesign! The only reason I can use InDesign is because I used to use it at work all the time.

  2. I *love* that curled paper frame with the little one reaching out. So cute.