Half-sized baking

Half-sized pie with a dinner fork for comparison

I love to bake, and we're trying to eat healthier. I know, I know. I don't want to give up baking treats altogether, so I'm trying something new: half-sized baking.

I ordered a few half-sized baking pans from Amazon. You can use your normal recipes with them; just halve (and possibly reduce the baking time). So far I've tried out the pie pan. It's so cute, and just right for the four of us.

If you're thinking of getting half-sized pans, don't go by diameter or side measurement. Instead, go by area (for round or square pans) or volume (for bundt and angel food pans—usually the description lists how many cups these hold). You may have to do a little math: remember πr2?

Here is a list of the half-sized pans that I'm working on collecting:
Half-sized (7") pie dish
Half-sized angel food cake pan
Half-sized (6") square cake pan
Half-sized bundt pan

Half-sized pie next to a full-sized pie pan

I really like the idea of serving dessert and then just having it gone. I used to bake in huge quantities because it seemed more efficient, but it just tempts us to eat more than we should. From now on, if I make five dozen cookies, we're giving four dozen away!


  1. I love the half-size idea! Genius. Thank you!

  2. What a great idea..It is just me and Kenny at home now.. so this would be ideal for us..thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm with you- I like to make a treat, eat it and it's gone! None of this eating cookies all week long business...