Collecting your records

I was just thinking on Saturday of all the things I should do to prepare for possible emergencies. Among the most daunting is collecting all the proper paperwork, but it's stuff you really should have.

In any case, my friend J has made it all too easy—she's offering a free (and cute) download of dividers for an emergency binder. They have listed everything you should need. She hasn't forgotten a thing!

I'm not looking forward to digging up all the stuff that belongs in that binder, but I think I will be glad I did. Because right now, if we had to leave in a hurry, our important records are in about fifteen different places.


  1. I really like those dividers. We scanned a lot of our documents and put them on a USB drive in our safe. That way we at least have information to go on if something happens. They're not official, but they're accessible.

  2. Thank you for this link! I was just telling someone about my emergency binder last night, and I was reflecting to myself that I really should finish mine if I'm going to go around telling people how to make one!

  3. I'm so glad to find this! Thank you. We were evacuated last summer, and I had NOTHING together! While I'm trying to get our house more organized, I need, need, need to do this! :)