One way and another to clean your toilet bowl

I know, just what you always wanted to see, a picture of my toilet!

I stopped buying toilet bowl cleaner awhile ago. It's kind of expensive, especially considering how much you use in one go (two dollars a bottle  x  three toilets = too much money!).

Here are two ways I clean my toilet bowl on the cheap.

One way

This way is perfect for a really dirty toilet bowl. Not that I ever let mine get that dirty. Ahem.

Back in college, when I worked cleaning bathrooms (among other things), we always "sunk" the toilets, or took all the water out, before we cleaned them. This makes a lot of sense to me, because as soon as you get cleaner in the toilet bowl, the water is going dilute it.

To "sink" a toilet, take your toilet brush and ram it down the hole several times, until the water has retreated sufficiently (I can't get it all out, but I can manage to get it down to the level of the hole).

Next, sprinkle a powdered cleanser such as Comet of Ajax all over your toilet bowl and scrub it with a wet rag. Let sit ten minutes or so to disinfect (if you read the back of your can, it will tell you how long), then scrub well with the toilet brush and flush.

Bonus way: If you don't want to get all down and dirty in there with a rag, try this instead: after you have sunk the toilet, spray the bowl with a disinfectant, let sit for the time specified on the bottle, then scrub with the brush and flush.

Another way

This way is easier and works great if your toilet isn't super dirty. Pour some bleach into the toilet water (I never measure, but maybe about 1/4 cup), then scrub well with your toilet brush. Let sit about ten minutes, then scrub again and flush. Easy!


  1. I stopped buying toilet bowl cleaner about 9 months ago. I do the same as you with the bleach. Sparkling clean toilets!

  2. Thankyou for sharing the tips.. I too, use the bleach method.. Super easy and it disinfects, with out all the extra work..