Sumer is icumen in*

About a month is left in the school year, and I am in denial that my little** Red Chief is almost done with kindergarten.

Plans for the summer are already beginning to circulate through my mind. Should I let the kids run wild and free? Should we have a schedule? I'm leaning toward the latter, because I think Red Chief works better under a schedule (and I do too, as little as I like to admit it).

I'm thinking something simple, like cleaning the house on Monday, having friends over on Tuesday, library trip and picnic on Wednesday, special outing on Thursday, and . . . well, something on Friday. Haven't gotten that completely thought through yet.

I'm also thinking of having a list of things we want to do every day: clean our rooms, read together, practice violin, ride bikes, etc.

What do you think? Is this too much structure for summertime, or will we go crazy without a plan? Also, should I make Red Chief do schoolwork (besides reading) over the summer, or should I give him a break?

*It's been a long time since I tried to decipher Middle English. See here. It's been nine years since I graduated from college. Nine years! That's so long.

**Don't tell him I called him little.


  1. If your family needs structure to thrive, then why not? ( : I need some sort of organization or I just flounder and don't accomplish ANYTHING!

  2. I go crazy WITHOUT some kind of schedule. Sure it's nice for the first few days to do nothing, but after that we're all sick of it and miss our routines. I like having something planned for them to look forward to every day, but I don't plan out by the hour. As for school work, I don't do much (besides lots of reading), but I do try to play math games occasionally and stuff like that. I try to do a lot, but we keep things flexible.. Anyway, good luck!

  3. Maybe start with a schedule and if you have a day where you end up not doing anything, make that OK.

  4. My husband has taught me to love schedules. :) You should have Free Fridays - free to do whatever lovely summery non-scheduled type of things you and the kids want to do. Best of both worlds.