Sewing list

Things I want to sew soon:
  • Another dress for Tiger Lily (no matter that she already has plenty, I want to make more!)
  • A light quilt for Tiger Lily
  • A light quilt for me
  • Pants for Red Chief
  • A skirt for me
  • Some tops for Tiger Lily
  • A shirt or jumper for Tiger Lily made from bandanas
  • A skirt for Tiger Lily made from dishtowels
  • A shirt and/or sweater refashioned into dress/tunic for Tiger Lily
  • A jumper for Tiger Lily made from a man's shirt (She's growing up so fast! I've got to do all these cute projects before she's too big!)
  • Some kitchen utility cloths
  • Zipper-free pillow covers
  • Doll diapers
  • Curtains or valance for dining room/kitchen
All that shouldn't take too long, right? 

Thinking about this because I won $25 to Nauvoo Quilt Company through Project Run and Play. What to pick, what to pick? There are too many choices. I am used to sewing with what I find at thrift stores and what other people give me.

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  1. Holy cow!!! So many great ideas. I LOVE the man's shirt into a dress. That would work so great for Miss Chompy too. And I'm thinking the dolly diapers are just perfect for all the naked critters around here. Thanks for the inspiration. :}