Red Chief writes a lesson

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This Sunday when Mr. Mordecai was working on his lesson to teach to the teenage boys at church, Red Chief decided to write a lesson of his own. First he asked me for his Book of Mormon flashcards* so he could spell "Nephi."

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Here is a translation:
Nephi was a prophet. Nephi and his brothers were mean to Nephi. Nephi was good. His brothers tied Nephi to the boat. Nephi said if he could come off. A storm happened and the brothers let go.
I love that he can come up with something like this when he wants to. Sometimes doing his kindergarten homework can be like walking through molasses together, but when he gets an idea of his own that he really cares about, he works hard on it.

You can read the whole story here.

*We're reading the Book of Mormon together as a family, and of course Red Chief wants to participate. As a beginning reader, it's a bit challenging for him, but he's learning fast. We purchased a large-print Book of Mormon to help him read more easily, and I've made him some flashcards using the word frequency list here (look in the comments for a list sorted by frequency). 

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