Recently tried recipes

  • Tres leches cake from Cake Ladies. I'd never had this sort of cake before. It was different, but good. The recipe called for soaking the cake, then later removing it from the pan and splitting the layer horizontally and filling it with fruit and cream. I'm glad I didn't do that; instead I served the fruit and whipped cream on the side. 
  • A flax egg replacement. I was running low on eggs, so I tried this in our waffles one day. It worked beautifully.  I let mine sit for 15 minutes, and it hadn't congealed much, so I left it in the fridge overnight. It was ready in the morning. I'm glad it worked, because flax eggs are part of my food storage plan for breakfast. You can store whole flax seeds for at least a year, although ground ones need to be kept in the freezer.
  • Quick cottage cheese. Wow! This was really easy and good. And fun, because I'm kind of a kitchen nerd, and I like trying new things. I never realized how much milk it takes to make cottage cheese—I used 1/2 gallon milk (and 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 tsp salt), and we barely got enough for each of us to have a small serving. No wonder cottage cheese is so expensive.
  • Couscous cucumber salad. We've made this several times before, but I don't think I've shared it here yet. Although Red Chief pretty much threw a fit about this meal, the rest of us quite enjoyed it. I see more of this in our future, because I found enough couscous in our pantry to fill three jars when I was cleaning it out the other day.
  • Potato frittata. Okay, so I just used this recipe as inspiration, but wow, it was good! I cooked mine on the stovetop (completely cooked the potatoes first before adding the eggs) and used chives from the garden. I will definitely make this again—it was fun and easy to make, and Tiger Lily, our most picky eater, loved it. 
  • Buttermilk chocolate Texas sheet cake. I've tried a two other versions of this recipe, but neither was scaled for half-sheet pans, which is the size I have. (I was recently assigned to make one for a church luncheon and the recipe I was given turned out about 1/2" tall in my pans . . . it was kind of funny, but I wanted to give it another try.) This one is the right scale for me, and it tastes fabulous. I made a half recipe in a 9x13" cookie sheet, and I would definitely try it again on a larger scale next time I have a reason to make so much cake in one go.

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