Recently tried recipes

I've been cooking out of my cookbooks a lot lately, but I was able to find links to some of the recipes.
  • Tomato and green bean salad. We loved this. I used frozen green beans (cheaper and easier), and I used dill weed instead of basil because I thought basil would be weird. Dill was great.
  • Skillet ziti with chicken and broccoli. This is a family favorite, so I thought I would try making it meatless. I used white beans instead of chicken. They were too mushy. Next time I might try chickpeas instead, or pay more attention to my white beans and not let them overcook.
  • Skillet chili macaroni. This is another family favorite I made meatless—pinto beans instead of ground beef. We liked it a lot. Black beans would be even better, I think, but Red Chief hates them, so I'm going to make it with pinto beans a more few times, and then switch to black beans and remind him how much he liked it last time.
  • Tofu tacos. The flavor was good, but I just didn't like the texture. We prefer lentils.
  • Simple lentil dal. Mixed reviews. The kids and I liked this, but Mr. Mordecai was hoping for a little more flavor.
  • Smashed chickpea and avocado sandwich. I really liked these, and they're a good replacement for tuna. If only avocados were food storage–friendly. (Will anyone ever appreciate my appropriate use of an en dash there if I don't point it out? I think not.)
  • Chocolate covered pound cake bites. What a great idea! These were so yummy. I used a different pound cake recipe, from this book. I also dipped some strawberries while I was at it. Why have I never dipped stuff in chocolate before? There's definitely going to be more of this in my future.
  • Lemon cheese cake. I used the recipe from this book (which I have had out from the library far too long and don't ever want to give back), but all you have to do is make a yellow cake and frost it with lemon curd. I will be doing this again for sure; you can never have too much lemon curd.
  • Fresh strawberry pie. Yum. The crust tasted fabulous (much better than my oil pie crust, which I'm used to). I added a teaspoon of sugar to it. I thought arranging the strawberries was a bit fussy, and the whole berries were a bit cumbersome to serve and eat: next time I'll slice, mix, and dump.


  1. I have a haphazard way of using hyphens, en dashes and the like. Bleh. That's one area I really need to work on. Way to go! I need to try out some of these recipes. We are trying to do way less meat and it's hard to find anything my family will eat!

  2. It was a lovely en dash. :D And no, I probably wouldn't have noticed it. Thanks for the link, though! I know I don't always use my dash variations correctly. (Now craving something with lemon curd, thanks to this post, by the way).