Mantel makeover

I don't love decorating. I don't do much of it, and it doesn't come naturally to me. But one of the few places I do like to take a little trouble with is the mantel. It's mostly out of the kids' reach, so I feel safe putting most things up there (unfortunately, this also causes me to deposit things there that I don't want the kids touching, so it collects clutter fast).

Clutter: flash cards, camera equipment, a gyroscope, etc.

In any case, I loved the books that were up there (thrift store special, only a dollar each—aren't they charming?), but I wanted to do something for May Day. When I was younger, I remember leaving flowers on the neighbors' doorsteps a few times, but it's been a long time since I did anything for May Day.* This year, it seemed like a good excuse to cut the first three iris that bloomed from the plant I planted last year.

I bought the plant without knowing exactly what would come out of it, but it turns out that the flowers are two shades of purple—and absolutely huge. The blooms seem a bit exotic for May Day, but I'll take what I can get, and right now, they're what I have (unless you count dandelions).

The camera tinted all my pictures blue. I think it's operator error. Thank goodness for Picasa.

* I blame my observance of such an old-fashioned and obscure holiday on my obsession with The American Girls Handy Book, which my mother introduced me to when I was a girl. I used to spend hours poring over it.


  1. That book sounds intriguing...

  2. Oh, I'm sooo like you. The books...the iris. So-so lovely. In fact, I'm such a geek, I tried to zoom in on the titles of your pretty books to see the titles--but I couldn't get in close enough. Iris reminds me of my grandma because her yard was FULL of them. Love your way of displaying them.