How to get off a really stuck jar lid

Once upon a time, I had a jar of roasted red peppers from the store. Now, I pride myself on almost always being able to open a tough jar lid, but I just couldn't budge this one. I tried running the lid under hot water, but that didn't help either, so I took the jar out to Mr. Mordecai. Unfortunately, he couldn't open it either. He also tried the water thing, and then being the genius that he is, thought of something else—something that actually worked.

He used a jar opener (what do you call these things anyway? jar openers? bottle openers? lid openers?). The lid was shallow, and that was enough to pop the seal and release the lid.

The end.


  1. Huh, that's how I always get them off. How do you normally do it? My mom would sometimes do it with a spoon but I could never get that to work.

    1. I always use the jar opener for home-canned stuff. Maybe I should clarify that this was a commercially canned jar that was giving us problems.

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great idea...Thankyou for sharing..