Food in jars

The grocery store I go to has bulk bins where you can get lots of useful and interesting foods for a lot cheaper than the pre-packaged versions on the shelves.

One problem: I have identical bulk bags with twist ties all over my shelves. They pile up and I lose things in the mess. If I get into a bag several times, the twist tie wears out. And if I'm really unlucky, the thin bag will get a hole and stuff will go everywhere (I'm still finding chickpeas all over the pantry from our last incident).

I've been saving jars lately, and collecting them from thrift stores. I've kept small quantities of odd grain products (couscous, bulgur, quinoa, millet, etc.) in jars in the china cabinet for quite some time.

Lately I've started putting our snacks in jars too. It started with the mints, because they were making the whole cupboard smell minty, and all the snacks were starting to taste minty too. Today I went through and put all the bulk snacks in jars—dried cranberries, peanuts, everything.

It's so nice to be able to see everything, and not have to paw through a big pile of bags every time I get into the cupboard.

Now I need to do this with my pantry. The pile of bags in my pantry is very large. It's going to be a challenge.

I found this in an old cookbook.


  1. Good idea! I bet it looks really nice.

  2. I've been doing the same thing. Wheat germ, wheat bran, pepitas, sunflower seeds... even leftover cornbread mix (when I only used a little bit instead of cornmeal) - it all goes into a glass jar. I started used jars too instead of tupperware for certain homemade items, like salsa and pasta sauce, so that my tupperware can be used for things that aren't jar-friendly, like stir-fry & pizza, lol. Now I need to start labeling... it won't be long before the grains start to look alike!