Caught up

I can hardly believe this, but I've actually been caught up on dishes all week. I wish I could share some big secret to it, but it turns out that keeping up with dishes—and with housework in general—comes down to regular, consistent work and attention, and not tips and tricks.

I find that I'm more grateful for my dishwasher when I keep up with the dishes—I am so lucky to have that contraption to wash my dishes for me, and I realize it more when I make it work for me.

It's so nice to have an empty sink.

I have also vacuumed for two days in a row. The house looks so nice when I do that! I rarely vacuum more than once or twice a week, but I was surprised by the amount of stuff I sucked up the second day. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though, with two kids.

Please don't ask about my laundry. Perhaps I need to change to a little-at-a-time routine, like the dishes, instead of trying to do it all in one or two days a week. How do you get your laundry done?


  1. One to two loads a day keeps the pile away.

  2. I do laundry only once a week and just get it ALL done- then ignore it until the next Monday rolls around! I only vacuum about 2x a month. ( : (No food or cutting papers allowed except in the kitchen and dining room helps.) And weirdly enough, I've stopped using my dishwasher! Weird I know! It was always full of clean dishes I'd have to put away first when I just wanted to load it with dirty ones and I never knew when I'd need to run it and we'd forget until there were too many dishes. Now I just pile the dishes in the large side of my sink all day and then wash everything by hand once a day after dinner. As I wash I put everything in the dishwasher to dry. So, it's now a large drying rack instead! I get to hide all the drying dishes in there so they aren't cluttering up the counter space. I very rarely dry anything by hand because it's the one chore that will do itself. ( : The dishes get washed every night and my husband puts them all away before heading to work in the morning. It works perfectly for us!

  3. Laundry is pretty hit and miss around here these days. We end up doing loads when we are in a panic for something which is what I call crisis laundry. Not at all the way to do it. My preferred way is to do it all in one day--Monday for instance and fold and put it away a load at a time. Then it's totally, TOTALLY done.

    I know what you mean about the dishes and how good an empty sink feels. Sounds like you're doing wonderfully. :}

  4. I can do up to 6 loads at once. :p

  5. Oh.. I love these post.. It helps keep me organized. And I so agree, if you do a little every day and keep it..It sure makes keeping the home , so much easier.[And Oh, how I hate, when I procrastinate...and the pop up visitor comes.eeeh.. so doing it daily..so much better!!!]
    As for laundry.. My goal [which doesnt always work} is to do a load ,as soon as I have enough dirty clothes for a load..With me, this means I do laundry about every other day .. [It is only my husband and myself]. When I change bed clothes, wash curtains,etc.. I wash more that day..
    thanks for sharing.