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Elizabeth Bird is compiling new lists of the top 100 children's picture books and top 100 children's chapter books. You can vote until this Sunday, April 15.  Kids can vote too!

A project to give everyone a free picture of Christ. One of the pictures—the one by Carl Bloch—may be my favorite of Him.

CNN tours the new Kansas City LDS temple.

Beauty Redefined. From the site: "We are Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite, 26-year-old identical twin sisters working on the last leg of our PhDs in Communication at the University of Utah, studying representations of female bodies in popular media. We have a passion for helping girls and women recognize and reject harmful messages about their bodies and what “beauty” means and looks like."

I want to read this book.

I love this.

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  1. I know it's not something you agree with, but I watched the episode of "Big Love" where the character Barb sneaks into the Temple with her mother's reccommend before she knows she is going to be excommunicated and takes part in the endowment ritual. (It's supposed to be a final closure for her). What was portrayed was very, very beautiful and a lot like rituals in other faiths. Some of it reminded me even of my parents' denomination.