Great stuff: Waterproof mattress pads

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I usually try to stay pretty non-commercial around here, but I've been thinking lately about some of the products I use all the time and love. I'll be sharing some of my favorites this week. No one is sponsoring these posts; they're just things I truly find useful.


First up: Lands' End waterproof mattress pads.

They are expensive, but you get what you pay for, and I absolutely love these mattress pads. We started out with a crib-sized one for Red Chief—it makes sense to have a waterproof mattress pad for a baby. We washed it every week and sometimes more often, and it was still like new by the time he was out of his crib.

Naturally, we got a twin-sized one when he moved up to a bigger bed. We also thought it worthwhile to get one for our bed too, as Red Chief had a few leaks there, too.

These mattress pads are all we use these days. They're completely waterproof (and believe me, we've had many occasions to test them out), but they don't crinkle at all, they're machine washable, and they wear like iron. They make my life easier.

$70 may seem like a lot of money, but to protect mattresses that cost much more, to me it's worth it.

Have you tried a waterproof mattress pad before?

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