Great stuff: Cloth training pants

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If you don't want to read about potty training, skip now.

I love Gerber training pants. When Red Chief was potty training, I was so afraid of messes that I used disposable training pants. But this bypassed the natural consequences of having an accident. They are too much like diapers, and it was just too easy for him to keep doing what he'd always done with diapers. I actually believe that my using disposable training pants for him is one of many reasons that it took almost three years to potty train him.

This time around, with Tiger Lily, I tried to learn from my mistakes last time. It's only been a couple of weeks, but she's doing great. I think one of many reasons for her success is that I decided to put my fear of messes behind me. We started with training pants right away. Yes, there have been a few messes, but one thing I love about cloth training pants is if the kid starts to go a little, they are absorbent enough that they can get to the potty before a puddle happens.

In any case, the natural consequence of actually being wet when she has an accident in combination with a strong aversion to diapers (because she's a "big girl") have helped Tiger Lily to be quite successful in potty training so far. We're not quite there yet, but I'm hopeful that it will be done in months, not years, this time (knock on wood).

We're not quite there yet! Do you have any potty training tips for me?


  1. I actually use cloth diapers all the time! I'm not sure if they helped my girls potty train or not because that is what they were used to- plus there's a layer of fabric in them that is supposed to wick away the wetness. My best advice is wait to train them until they are really ready. This article was informative:

  2. My son wasn't interested in potty training until ver late...but, it was accomplished instantly with only one accident. Once HE decided it was time, we went to big boy undies and never turned back : ) Now I'm waiting to see how the little one does...

  3. That's what I decided to with my daughter—wait until she wanted to do it. She decided last month that she wasn't going to wear diapers anymore. She still has some accidents, though.

  4. My children are all grown..But I still remember the 'Dreaded days of potty training.ha"
    All we had then,was cloth training panties. So.. it was much better, no choices!!
    I have 5 grandchildren, and I have found out with them. The cloth panties work so much better, just as you described.. I bet you will see a big difference with your daughter.
    Wish you both big sucess..