The collection

Have you ever noticed that most people seem to have a weakness for collecting something? Maybe it's stamps, or dolls, or shoes, or shot glasses. My weakness is books, and I really am unreasonable about it. Mr. Mordecai likes books too, but I'm the one who buys too many.

Last week I cleaned out the guest room. Ours tends to collect plenty of junk because it's right off the main living area, but it's used only a few times a year. My favorite part about the guest room is that it houses our books.

After I mucked out most of the junk from the guest room that didn't belong, I turned to the books. I started with fiction, which was in sad disorder (I like to keep it arranged alphabetically by author). For now I keep adult, teen, and children's books all together (but not picture books), but I will probably change that in the next few years as Red Chief's reading skills advance.

Anyway, I was able to get our fiction to fit into twelve and a half shelves. I had to move the picture books to a different room to make enough room. I even left a bit of space on each shelf so I can actually put books away when I find them.

That left me two and a half shelves for non-fiction. Eek. I managed to fit in foreign language, poetry, parenting, math and science, grammar, and miscellaneous non-fiction. I had to double-stack my grammar books (I hate that!).

I couldn't get my homemaking books and cookbooks to fit (even after adding several to the donation pile), so I saved them to add to the big double bookcase on the left with all the old books. It also holds religion and DVDs. I love my old books. Sometimes I read them, and sometimes I just bask in their charm. They have come from so many places—family; grandparents; friends; library sales.

Old books: religion, homemaking, and children's books on the top (double-stacked, ugh!); hymnals on the bottom.

More old books: series on the top; random on the bottom. I bet you wish you had copies of "Silver Slippers" and "Wife vs. Secretary" too.

I managed to say good-bye to several boxes and bags of books and DVDs, and we donated them all to the library.

Conclusions: (1) We have too many books, but I want them all. All! (2) If I keep up my current habits we will need another bookcase or two very soon. (3) I need to read the books I own but haven't read yet, because how can I know if I should keep them if I don't know what's in them? (4) I really should stop buying books. Maybe. (I may have bought another one last night, since now there's a little bit of room on the shelves.)

Tiger Lily looking cute in the Angry Birds shirt she earned on her first day of potty training.


  1. I love it! Books are the best. I organized mine by color once. You can find a picture on my blog somewhere. It looks really cool- but you can't find anything. ( :

  2. Can you say, kindred spirits? :D I love your book collection and I have total empathy for the book hoarding gene, being a carrier myself. I especially like your old books. I get major book envy every time I see all your cool old books. And double-stacking drives me crazy too, but I have tons of double-stacked books right now because I desperately need more bookcases, which are going to have to wait. And of course the solution is not to STOP buying books. Heaven forbid. :)

    1. Not buying books is too terrible to think about.

  3. I am the same way and ironically about to build a new bookcase.

  4. I especially love old books...and I recognize several on your shelves! :)

  5. Yes! My book collection would be similar if we had enough bookcases! However, mine are mostly children's books. We have a wonderful library with a huge amount of fiction that I enjoy, so I don't feel the need to purchase so many books for me. BUT I have a really hard time passing up a good deal on a good children's book! Mine are mostly being stored in boxes... at least for now! :)

  6. Oh I wanna come to your house and 'play' in your books! They look wonderful!!!