Cleaning above the cupboards

Last week, I was hit by a strange desire to do spring cleaning. Don't worry, I'm sure it will pass soon. But meanwhile, I tackled some kitchen cupboards (okay, just one). As I was doing the cupboard, I once again lamented the greasy, dusty film covering the top of my cabinets and everything on them, and the next day I tackled it.

Baking soda is the perfect cleaner for that greasy dusty stuff (I get it above my stove too). It cuts right through it. I added a generous amount to a bowl of hot water, then stirred in a couple of big squirts of dish soap. It worked very well, although I had to change the water often because my cupboard tops were so filthy. I used almost a whole box of baking soda.

The milk glass was easy—I just ran it through the dishwasher. When we moved into this house, the emptiness above the cabinets bothered me. Somehow I decided to collect milk glass up there, because (a) I like it, (b) I can use it elsewhere in the house, and (c) it's really cheap at thrift stores.

I actually thought long and hard about what to put up there. Fake greenery seems the obvious answer—a lot of people use that—but I didn't want to deal with cleaning it. After using the dishwasher to clean my milk glass, I stand by my decision. I don't know how you could possibly clean that greasy gunk off of it.


  1. I've heard that you should lay down some waxed paper or something and then the next time you need to clean up there, just lift it off and throw it away! It wouldn't cover every inch, but at least the main flat part would be clean.

  2. Ugh - I'm starting to hate my fake greenery on top of my kitchen cupboards. I'm looking at different ideas and will probably replace it soon (they are so gross and dirty right now!). Also, I love baking soda for all things cleaning. I just cleaned my whole kitchen Saturday and I love baking soda for that greasy dust.

  3. I guess I'm glad my cupboards have soffits over them! But I would love an excuse to collect milk glass.