Breakfast for Red Chief

Image courtesy magazineart.org

Red Chief is having testing at school this week. The teacher wants the students to have a good breakfast before they come to school. Red Chief is always served a good breakfast, but some mornings he eats better than others. He really dislikes cereal, and I don't think he loves sweet porridges either.

In any case, I asked him what he wants for breakfast, and here are some ideas we have to choose from this week:
I love focusing on one person and making a special menu for them. I wonder what two-year-old Tiger Lily's ideal breakfast menu would look like?
  • "Scratchy toast" and yogurt (she asks for this almost every day)
  • Cereal (she also asks for this quite often)
  • Pancakes with plenty of syrup
  • Oatmeal with plenty of brown sugar
  • Muffins and scrambled eggs


  1. I like Red Chief He is a simple man. I hope he had mashed avocado on toast thats one of my favorites. And I know he aced the test. Thanks for sharing

  2. There was testing in the schools this week here, too, but it was only for grades 3 and up. Little ones got to go on field trips, which made my workplace busy and many mad homeschoolers which thought testing meant we'd be dead. I can't believe Red Chief got tested in Kindergarten!

  3. Isnt it amazing to see how totally opposite our children are. I have 2 kids and they both eat totally different too.
    I can tell you ...me and miss Tiger Lily have the same eating habits.ha