Another breakfast for Red Chief

Last night, we went bowling. On the way home, Mr. Mordecai stopped at the grocery store for ice cream.

Red Chief: "Why are we going to the store?"
Mr. Mordecai: "Can you think of something cold and yummy that we might want to get at the store?"
Red Chief: "Steak!"

So we got ice cream . . . and steak.

This morning, he wanted it for breakfast. Since it is Red Chief Breakfast Week, I did it. Steak, eggs, smoothies, and leftover pumpkin muffins.

I don't know about the rest of the family, but I'm not going to be hungry for hours.

Red Chief went to school very happy.


  1. What a great mother you are. I'd tell my kid- NO WAY! I'm kinda cranky like that in the morning.( :

  2. I like it! Good choice Red Chief! :)

  3. That is too funny! Something cold and yummy and he goes jumps right to steak. :D Sounds like a great breakfast! I don't think I could eat steak in the morning though.

  4. Now...Red Chief has a really good mommy.. What a fantastic breakfast.. I am not a steak person, but it is my husband's favorite food. I can see him thinking of steak and I would think ice cream.ha.
    Have a great day.