What we're doing this weekend

I love LDS General Conference weekend. For four hours on Saturday and Sunday (10am-noon and 2pm-4pm, MDT), we get to hang out together as a family and watch our church leaders—and our prophet—speak to us.

The kids love conference. It is such a novelty to them to skip church and watch TV instead. For the past couple of weeks, we have been displaying pictures of our church leaders on the wall in the dining room to help them get familiar with them. We also like to incorporate fun little activities during conference to help them focus, like this.

Ever wonder what we talk about? Check out the graphic below—I especially love the word cloud. If you want to watch, you can stream conference online here.

Do you watch conference? How do you help yourself and your children focus?


  1. Is it on public TV?

    1. You can search here to see if it's on TV, cable, or radio in your area:


      We just watch on the computer. :)