The caption on this picture (click to enlarge) reminds me of when I was a little girl and my mom would make me clean my room and I would pretend to be Cinderella.

Last night at 6:30, just after dinner, I realized that Mr. Mordecai had told me a few days ago that the scouts would be meeting at our house, that night, at 7. Umm . . . it looked like spring break had exploded in our house, which was true. The kids and I did a ten-minute pick-up and vacuum and the place looked presentable, as long as you didn't wander over to the kitchen.

I love a clean kitchen. I feel crazy when my kitchen is a mess, and if the whole house is a mess, the kitchen is where I start cleaning up. 

I can't believe I'm doing this—I don't usually share my "dirty laundry" on the blog—but I think it will motivate me to get this kitchen whipped into shape! Here's what I'm starting with. Later today I'll come back with some "after" shots. Wish me luck—I'll need it, with a potty-training two-year-old and an active five-year-old underfoot. Also I promised them we could have a tea party for lunch.

The outside and top of the fridge could use a bit of organization—and cleaning, I'm sure. I never think to clean the top of the fridge, but Mr. Mordecai is tall enough to actually see it, so I should probably pay more attention to it.

This could be worse—I didn't think to take pictures until after I loaded the dishwasher.

Crumby counter? Check. Poached-egg water on the stove? Check. A pile of toys? Check. A basket of clean kitchen laundry? Check. A collection of paper sacks on top of the cupboards? Check. Cute two-year-old? Check.

This tall counter is our problem spot. It collects so much junk. Right now we have a giant blue tub that the kids filled with forbidden items that I need to put back away; a felt project in progress; Easter eggs to fill; forced hyacinths that have seen their day; and lots of other random junk.

A big mess in the dining room corner by the outside door. We have the remains of a play farm that was enjoyed for an hour and then destroyed (which means beans and wheat everywhere!), a pile of muddy shoes, an extra-long receipt that Red Chief is exceedingly proud of, and plenty of cooties to keep life interesting.

The play kitchen could use a bit of organizational TLC. As for the marker on the wall around the whiteboard—not sure if I'll get to that today. It's terrible to get off and the kids will just do it again. Perhaps I should take it down, but they love it so much.

Must go now and take care of a poopy two-year-old, which means a load of laundry, too. Hope I can get started on the kitchen soon!


  1. Maybe you could hang pretty paper behind the white board to protect your walls? Then you could just change it when it got too marked up.

    Good luck with your cleaning, hope it goes well and you have a good day!

    1. Bethany, you are a genius! I will have to try that.