• Got dark chocolate–covered raisins instead of milk chocolate–covered ones.
  • Put Tiger Lily in her room to cool off. She was so quiet I thought she was asleep, so I came back in an hour. She was sitting in exactly the same spot I had left her, awake, trying not to cry. (I coddled her the rest of the evening, poor thing.)
  • Cut a hole near the hem of my nearly-finished dress when I was trimming off extra near the hem. I still want to tear my hair out every time I think of that, even though it repaired okay.
  • Went to the library because I thought we were out of books, then noticed that the books in the bag were the ones we'd gotten last week and had never even taken out of the bag.
  • Completely forgot about a scheduled event.
  • Keep forgetting to take my once-weekly medication on Saturday so I have to take it on Sunday and then I feel kind of sick during church.
  • Sometimes I can't remember whether I've taken my daily medication. Did I already take it? Should I take it now? What if I already took it and I'm taking it twice? Obviously I need a better system.


  1. Aw, don't feel too bad about your oopses, everyone makes them!

    I've found that one of those pill containers is really great for helping me keep track of whether I've taken something for the day. It's either in the little box or not, so I know for sure by looking.

  2. Get one of those pill containers with each day of the week. My dad takes so much stuff, he needs those to remember what he took and didn't take. When you bring home all your Rx's from the paharmacy, sit down with it and think what you must take every day that week and put them in the appropriate slot. Hope that helps. My dad calls this process "Fun with pills".