Going meatless

We've never eaten a ton of meat during our marriage. In the beginning, we were too poor and I was too cheap. In the last year or so, we had started eating a bit more, partly because I love cooking adventures, but also because Red Chief really likes it. It was still far less than the average American eats (almost half a pound a day, according to this article, or a third of a pound a day, according to this site).

Mr. Mordecai decided he wanted to try going completely meatless for a couple of weeks. Since I have a large repertoire of meatless recipes, this hasn't been hard to do.

Here is our almost-two-week meatless menu:
We will probably continue this meatless eating, at least to some degree, for longer. If you have any favorite meatless recipes, please share! I've also started a Pinterest board for vegetarian recipes that I want to try or that I have tried and liked. Scrolling down the board and looking at the pictures helps me realize how varied and fun our meals can still be.

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  1. What fun! We went meatless for Lent last year. We ate a lot of sauteed greens - spinach, kale, and collards. They actually turned out pretty well! We also liked Golden Cauliflower Gratin.