Food I've wasted

Food I've wasted lately:
  • An entire head of lettuce that I ignored for almost two weeks and didn't want to deal with in its nearly dead state.
  • Two fried eggs that the kids didn't eat for breakfast, and then we went somewhere, and the eggs sat out until lunchtime.
  • A box of candy canes from Christmas (candy is the one thing I don't feel too guilty about throwing out, especially if we didn't buy it).
  • Lots of scraps from the kids' plates that didn't seem like enough to save.
  • The last few slices of a loaf of bread, moldy.
  • Food I tried to tempt a sick two-year-old with. She barely touched it, but we had to throw it out. 
And one food-saving success:
  • Smoothies. I've started saving little bits of fruit in the freezer, and I've also gotten better at looking around before I make a smoothie to see what I could throw in that might otherwise go to waste. I think I could start branching out here—leftover oatmeal, yogurt, milk, etc. Actually this is a double success, because I can take fruit (and veggies!) that Tiger Lily won't eat and put them in a smoothie and she'll suck it right down.


    1. Are you gardening this year?

      1. I hope so! We still have the two garden boxes, although they need a little TLC. We can't start as early as you can! Your garden is looking good.