A few photos from the wedding

I said I would try to get better photos of Tiger Lily's and my dresses from the wedding. I don't have all the photos yet, but here are a few. I do hate having my picture taken. I hope you appreciate the sacrifice I've made to share these pictures with you.

We all sunburned a little, but I burned the worst because of an arthritis medication I'm taking that makes me more sensitive to the sun. Sunscreen had never even entered my mind, for a wedding in March.

So please forgive our toasty appearance. Also the kids' silly expressions (which I love). Also the weirdness below Red Chief's nose (he had quite the cold).

Red Chief caught the bouquet. There were only two single girls there, so they let some of the little boys in on the fun. He is very proud of having caught it, despite his expression in this photo (we were all quite tired by the end of the day).

Look, someone got a picture of the back of my dress! I'm pretty sure I wasn't the intended target, but it made me glad I took all that trouble with the fastenings when I sewed it.

Tiger Lily's dress worked out really well (at least until she got orange chip powder on her flower and grass stains on her skirt, but that's just life). Mine worked out well too. It didn't look as weird as I had feared, but the drawstring neck did get uncomfortable toward the end of the day. A softer, more forgiving fabric might have helped. Also not getting a sunburn.


  1. You all look great. Congratulations!

  2. I don't know if I've actually ever seen you before. You have a lovely family! *B* sunburned this weekend, too. I hope this strange spring doesn't become a yearly occurrence.

  3. What a lovely family and both your dresses are beautiful.What a great job..[Isn't making wedding occasion stuff ,stressful,eeeh].
    I so understand your not wanting to post your own photo..I so feel the same way.. I hate, did I say hate photos of myself.ha.