I actually got the kitchen clean! It feels so good. Now I want to bake some pink cupcakes for Tiger Lily—in my clean kitchen!

I like to reward myself for cleaning by putting a few pretty touches in the room when I'm done. Today I lit a candle and I cut some daffodils from the front yard.

I was also excited to find a package in the mail—a towel I won at My Sparkle earlier this month. All my kitchen towels are in different stages of fading, holes, staining, and general decay. I just want to keep this towel on the oven door forever and never use it because it's so pretty.

I feel like I can breathe now. That pot with the plastic wrap is wheatgrass. It will look much better in a week or two, I hope.

The corner of doom, all better. Shoes de-mudded, farm dismantled, floor swept and mopped. Now I need to clean the pile of mud off the back porch so we don't have more problems.

The play kitchen, wiped off and organized. I'm hoping I can teach Tiger Lily to keep it this way.

The refrigerator. I'm so glad I wiped off the top. It was terribly dusty!

It feels so good to have the counters clear and clean again.

The beautiful towel that I never want to use.

More rearranging. I can't decide if I like the breadbox there. It's a recent acquisition, and I haven't found exactly the right spot for it yet. I do love having a place to keep bread, though.

Much better!

Freshly cut daffodils.


  1. Great job!! Want to come spring clean my kitchen?! The daffodils are gorgeous! Such a nice way to top off a clean kitchen.

  2. Hey, I'm glad we ran into each other through the web. I'll be back- you have some great recipes and such here!

  3. What a beautiful kitchen.. Doesn't it feel wonderful to get it all clean.. There is only one problem....it doesn't stay this way.lol
    Enjoyed popping around and reading your blog..