Winner and hints

Laura is the winner of the Dining on a Dime giveaway. Congratulations, Laura!

Here are the money-saving tips and kitchen hints you left in your entries. There are some great tips here!
  • Laura: "One way that we have tried to save money in our home is by using a wood cook stove. I cook EVERYTHING in or on it...as well as heat water to wash dishes...and dry clothes on a dryer rack in front of it in the winter. Our electricity bill has decreased dramatically!
  • Becoming LDS: "A kitchen tip which isn't super unique is just cooking meat and poultry all at once. I cook chicken in the crock pot and shred it and freeze. I also cook all of my ground beef at the same time and freeze in dinner sized portions. It makes meal time go so much more quickly."
  • Mikki: "I don't like to tear lettuce up for salads, to me it takes too long. I'd rather cut it, but using a metal knife will turn your lettuce edges brown. Instead I use a plastic knife that I got from Albertsons. It's one they give away with the bakery birthday cakes. It has a serrated edge, great for chopping lettuce, and the plastic doesn't turn the lettuce brown."
  • Emily: "One of my kitchen tips is to cut up veggies and fruits right after I buy them, so they're ready to eat at a moment's notice. I try to do the same thing with meat; having precooked frozen meat saves me time and stress at dinnertime."
  • Danielle: "My favorite money-saving tip is to fill up your freezer. It also saves a lot of time when you don't want to or don't have time to cook."
  • D&H: "My biggest things in the kitchen to save money are to eat less meat (use less than called for in recipes and more meatless meals) and to buy generic brands."
  • Holly: "I buy spices and herbs in bulk, then use that to fill smaller jars in my cupboard and keep the rest in the freezer. Also, the best way to slice cinnamon roll dough is with dental floss."
  • thebockster: "I save money around the home by cleaning with vinegar and baking soda. I also love buying things on sale at the grocery store and freezing them for later."
  • I Am Karen: "Stay away from online and brick and mortar stores unless you know exactly what you are going to buy."
  • T Andrews: " One money-saving tip that I have is to create a menu for meals. I have recently renewed this practice in our home and it saves time, money, and my sanity."
  • Jamie: "One thing that I do is make sure that our menu has easy things that both my husband or I can cook. That way, when one/both of us is super tired, both can quickly make whatever is for dinner."
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  1. Lovely tips congrats to the winner

  2. Two of my gallon jugs of water must have busted before they actually froze, because most of the food at the bottom of the chest freezer was morphed together. I had to unplug it and let things melt to fix it. You live you learn, right? Better to try than not.