The stories of my sewing projects

I was just looking through all the old sewing projects on my blog, trying to get up enough motivation to continue on a big project I'm in the middle of. I thought it would be fun to look at all the old projects and tell what's become of them.

November 2007: An apron for Red Chief. This has been well used and well loved. It is still in rotation, although it is nearly transparent with use, and therefore not a terribly effective apron anymore.

December 2007: Pillowcases. We're still using them.

December 2007: Aprons. Still in use, now with Tiger Lily instead of Red Chief.

October 2008: Fleece blanket. We still use this one quite a lot.

October 2008: Fleece hat. Red Chief did not want to wear this, and it sat unused until this year, when Tiger Lily discovered it. She loves it because it has "tails." I'm glad it's finally getting some use!

December 2008: A corn bag and pillowcase for Red Chief. The corn bag is gone; I generally don't keep them more than a year or two, because something gross will happen to them and they're not washable with the corn inside. This thin cotton was a bad choice for a corn bag, anyway; I'll stick to flannel in the future. The pillowcase is still in use; it is currently a favorite with Tiger Lily, who is going through a Peter Rabbit phase.

April 2009: Red Chief's quilt. The time spent on this quilt was possibly some of my best spent time ever. Red Chief loves it so much, and he loves it because I made it. It has a few little holes where my sewing was subpar, but I think it will be around for several years yet.

May 2009: Linen quilt. I actually finished the top for this quilt, but I haven't finished it. I don't know what to use it for—it's not a good size for anything, and some of the stitching on the quilt top is too loose; it wouldn't wear well. It was good practice, I suppose, but now what do I do with the quilt top?

January 2010: Fox tail. This was well loved and worn almost daily until Red Chief stopped being Mr. Fox a few months later. It has been mostly ignored since then, although Tiger Lily has worn it a few times.

May 2010: Pillowcases. I gave these as a gift.

May 2010: Brown Bear blanket. This is still in use, although not quite as much as when Tiger Lily was a baby. She still likes to snuggle up with it when we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and point to each animal on the blanket as we come to it in the book. We also use it occasionally to cover her changing table, along with all the other flannel receiving blankets.

May 2011: Apron. I wore this on our pioneer trek, and now use it often in the kitchen.

May 2011: Tablecloth. We use this occasionally, maybe once a month, but I keep forgetting I have it.

May 2011: White tablecloth. I just don't remember to get it out on special occasions. Maybe I'll remember on Easter!

May 2011: Bow tie. This was worn proudly and often in the few months after I made it; now it is just another one in the collection and is pulled out occasionally. A zipper tie from his uncle is the current favorite.

May 2011: Pinafore. Tiger Lily calls this her "princess dress." She puts it on every couple of weeks when she wants to be a princess. I like that it's easy to take off if she wants to do something more active that would be hard in a dress. The ribbon ties have started to shred a bit where they are sewn into the back—I guess I should look for higher quality ribbon.

May 2011: Pillowcases. Still using these.

May 2011: Ticker tape doll quilt. Not used much.

June 2011: T-shirt skirt and bloomers. Tiger Lily loved these and still does, but the beads are coming off, and the elastic at the bottom of the bloomers has snapped. I guess this wasn't my most durable project ever. I should take the beads off and save them for another project.

June 2011: Dino. Much loved at first by Tiger Lily; now mostly ignored. I made another one for my nephew and am working on yet another for my niece.

July 2011: T-shirt and suspenders jumper. This has held up really well, and I still think it's pretty cute. She hasn't been wearing this much lately, as it's been too cold.

November 2011: Pants. Red Chief has really loved these. He loves things I make for him just because I made them for him. Sadly, he fell down last week and ripped a hole in them.

December 2011: Dress. Tiger Lily still loves this dress, and so do I. If I made it again, I'd try to make the neck slightly narrower.

January 2011: Another dress. Tiger Lily likes the other one better, but she still likes this one too. And I just found the right string for it yesterday when I was cleaning out the sewing room!

January 2011: Robe and pajama pants. Red Chief wore the robe at home almost nonstop for the first couple of weeks. Now it's still a prized possession, but worn less often. The pajama pants are in regular rotation, having replaced a few holey pairs.


Hmm, I don't think I've been posting everything I make, because I can think of three pairs of pajama pants and a skirt I made for myself that aren't here. Also some pillowcases and a little apron. Oh well!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that the "May 2010 Pillowcases" are used often (they are currently on my bed, and may get washed this weekend), and that they are still in great condition.