Recently tried recipes

  • Onion pie—Mr. Mordecai and I loved this; the kids picked at it. I used evaporated milk instead of cream, fried the onions in bacon grease instead of using bacon, and I used three-quarters of this pie crust recipe made with whole wheat flour. I made it in a large tart pan and left off the top crust. Oh, and I added about 3 tablespoons flour to the filling because I was afraid it wouldn't set up. It turned out just right.
  • Green bean and chicken stir fry—this is excellent. I would recommend doubling the sauce as the recipe suggests. We used lots of beans and not much chicken.
  • Strawberry drink—I can't say I really tried this recipe, as I changed it so much, but it was a good jumping-off point. I made the strawberry syrup, then we had it with lemon-lime soda and lime juice. The kids were impressed!
  • Taco seasoning—I used this with 3/4 cup lentils, cooked, and I was impressed. It was too spicy for the kids, so next time I'll omit the cayenne and black peppers. I like this recipe because it makes enough for just one batch. I don't want it taking up space in my cupboard as I don't use it often.
  • Key lime crinkles—These were good; we really enjoyed them. The lime flavor wasn't strong enough to taste, though, even though I used more zest than called for.
  • Celery soup with apples and blue cheese—the soup was pretty bland, but the apples and blue cheese made it special. I will certainly make this again when I have too much celery—it uses a ton!
  • Spicy peanut chicken noodles—Okay, so I really didn't follow this recipe at all. I used plain ramen noodles instead of the rice noodles, and I swapped out the veggies for ones I had on hand. I totally changed the sauce—left out the wine, and added extra vinegar, fish sauce, soy sauce, a little sugar. I mixed in some chopped cilantro at the end, and wanted to serve it with lime slices to squeeze over, but I couldn't find my limes until after dinner (seriously, who loses limes?). It was really good!

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