Since we finished the bonus room, I've been in purge mode. We have too much stuff just sitting around in boxes unused, and it subconsciously causes me stress, knowing that there's stuff sitting around that we don't use, and that if we did need to find something, I might not be able to. Ugh.

We've been flinging like mad! Last week my husband dropped off an entire carload of stuff at the thrift store. Most of the things we got rid of, we were holding onto for sentiment and good intentions. It's hard to get rid of things that used to be special to you (like the one-legged, one-eyeballed doll that I still can't get rid of), or that you paid a lot for once upon a time (like the 1x CD writer that I thought was so very awesome about 10 years ago).

Most of the rest of the stuff was good intentions—the stickers that I was supposed to make into birthday cards; the books I meant to read; the worn office chair that I meant to re-cover. It felt so good to just let go of those good intentions and accept that they would never happen. I'm not a terribly demonstrative person, but I felt like jumping up and down as Mr. Mordecai pulled out of the garage with a carload of stuff I didn't have to worry about anymore.

Another category of things I've started to get rid of is things that take more time than they're worth—mostly toy sets that have a lot of little pieces and get dumped out more than they actually get played with. Yippee! They're gone!

We still have plenty of extra stuff, and I still have plenty of purging and organizing to do—it's been on hold a bit while I get some sewing projects done in preparation for a family wedding. I still have a hard time letting go of some things (books!). But I am looking forward to slowly getting things tidied up and weeded out. It makes me feel calmer.

P.S. Need some serious decluttering inspiration? Check out my friend's blog, Five Begone.


  1. My complex is having a community garage sale in "The Spring" (Whenever they decide that is- feels like Spring now) and I totally can't wait. I even have some big items to sell, and look forward to buying things from neighbors as well.

  2. This is so inspiring! I haven't done a purge in far too long...

  3. Good for you! It's high time I did a little of this myself. I know Jon wishes I *would* get rid of some books. That's my biggest weakness. I'm such a book hoarder. Thanks for the inspiration! (Speaking of books, this reminds me I need to return yours... - loved it by the way!)