Food waste report

Here are a few ways I've tried to reduce food waste at our house lately:
  • Started saving vegetable scraps for broth again.
  • Added leftover porridge to my bread—which turned out great.
  • Started feeding my children much smaller portion sizes.
  • Started making my children eat leftover meals for snacks (especially fruits and vegetables).
  • Stopped buying new snacks until we use up the dregs of the snack cupboard.
  • Eating highly perishable foods as soon as possible and saving more lasting foods for later in the week.
  • Using potatoes for breakfast sometimes, as well as dinner.
Here are a few things I could do better at:
  • Not giving Tiger Lily snacks, including milk, for at least 90 min. before dinner. She is a champion at snacking and then avoiding meals.
  • Stop eating more food than I need.
  • Freeze fruits, vegetables, and herbs that we won't use soon enough.
  • Continue processing fruits and vegetables into usable state as soon as they come into the house.
  • Make smaller quantities of starches, such as rice—we don't need as much as I make.

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