Cleaning the garbage disposal

I have added one last step to my weekly kitchen sink–cleaning routine: the garbage disposal. For awhile I was having little problems with it, either jamming up or with unpleasant smells (it smelled like dirt!).

Now, every week after I clean my sink, I try to remember to send two trays of ice cubes down the disposal. As the ice grinds, it knocks around and loosens up bits of crud that may be stuck down there. It also helps me remember to rotate my ice trays—I hate it when the bottom tray gets stuck at the bottom of the stack and the ice is months old.

I also clean under the rubber flaps in the drain. Usually my rag comes up brown when I wipe it down, so I know there's plenty of grime under there.

Between these two things, and changing my dishcloth every day, my sink usually doesn't smell too bad!


  1. One thing I've started doing to make sure that my drains never have an odor is to pour boiling water down them regularly. If I'm boiling water for tea or cocoa, I just remember to empty the kettle while it's still hot, pouring down the drains and onto my dishcloth.

  2. I use the ice trick too; it really works! I also occasionally cut up a whole lemon and toss it into my garbage disposal to grind. It gives my sink a nice, fresh smell.

  3. New book idea: "Hints by Mrs. Mordecai."