100 things

In our big purge, Mr. Mordecai and I decided to get rid of an outdated electronic object. Now, for those of you who don't know Red Chief, outdated and broken electronic objects are very valuable to him. He loves taking them apart and discussing the functions of the different parts. (This is where I am very grateful for a husband who can explain these things to him.)

In any case, we are trying hard to raise our kids without too big a sense of entitlement. I won't say that we've been completely successful so far, but we're trying.

We want to give the electronic objects to Red Chief. He wants to have them. It would be so easy just to give them to him, but we decided to make him earn them.

Red Chief noticed the number 100 written on the object, so I printed out this 100 chart and wrote below it a list of things he can do to cross off a number—jobs, homework, keeping his room clean, etc. He has plenty of choices, and he can cross off several squares a day if he does his work.

I am happy about this for two reasons: (1) we're battling against entitlement, as I mentioned above, and (2) I don't think I give my kids enough positive incentives. I love that for the next week or two, Red Chief will have an extra little reason to do the things he should be doing, and he will have a way to earn the object he so badly wants.

I wish I could always find such a tidy solution to my parenting dilemmas.

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