Water storage

We just used our water storage for the first time. When we ran the kids' baths last night, they came out yellow! I called the city water people this morning and it turns out they're flushing the system, and that the water is perfectly safe and drinkable, although they advise against washing your whites in it.

In any case, between the time we noticed the yellow water and the time I was able to call the city, we used our water storage. I've been filling up my empty, rinsed-out gallon vinegar bottles with water since we moved into this house, and we have quite a collection now (we go through a lot of vinegar!). Here are some tips on how to store water by the books—it looks like I should be bleaching my bottles first, and they're the wrong kind of plastic, oops!

I'm happy to report that the water from the bottles tasted great. We went through about two gallons between drinks, brushing teeth, and making breakfast.

I hope we will never be in a situation where we need to live off our stored water, but I'm glad we had this small opportunity to try it out. It made me aware of how much water we use, and it's a lot!

Although our collection of water is growing steadily, I would still like to have a couple of these filter bottles on hand eventually—they would be awfully useful in an emergency.

One last thought: hand sanitizer might be a good supplement to water storage. Although we continued to use our yellow water for washing, hand sanitizer would be nice if you had no running water at all.

Do you store water?


  1. I've read several things on food storage from your church, and I have never done water storage to the extent that they talk about. I do keep several 24 packs of bottled water on the top shelf of the main closet. Plus I have a camping shower stall that has its own solar heated water container (and spurts out when you are taking a shower in the wild) but I have never used it.

  2. When we had a hurricane warning in our area, our apartment complex passed around flyers encouraging people to fill their bathtubs full during the warning period so that if water service was knocked out, there would be some on hand.

    We keep some water bottles on hand in a closet, but space in our little apartment prohibits much more extensive preparation.

  3. I am serious about food storage but I confess to being lax about water storage. We have two wells and a full time stream. And while we have a generator to power the well pump, we really should have a hand pump as well. Still, that doesn't preclude the good advice to have stored water on hand and ready to use. I need to come up with a good plan. We use a lot of vinegar as well but my husband has been collecting containers for tapping our maple trees. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Oh yes, water storage is very important to me. We have a 1,000 gallon tank, and it’s enough to get us through summer without problems. We have a routine of rotating the water every six months to avoid contamination. For me, this is a great way to get the family involved and teach the kids a thing or two about water conservation.