Robe and pajama pants

Here is Red Chief in his new robe and pajama pants. He has been asking for a robe, so I did it. It went a lot better than the last robe I attempted, probably because I have more experience now, and because this fabric is much easier to work with.

I had just enough yarn-dyed plaid flannel from my mother-in-law to squeak out this robe, but I had to piece the sleeves and leave off the pockets. The fabric for the pants is also from my mother-in-law. The thread was on hand, and the pattern (New Look 6931) cost a whopping 29¢ at a thrift store.

This last photo shows Red Chief doing his favorite thing lately: curling up into a little ball like the cat. We're trying to choose carpet for a room upstairs and he keeps vetoing different samples because they don't make him want to curl up into a ball.


  1. Great job! You are all ready for the run ways in New York!

  2. Love it! Great job :)