Food waste

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When Mr. Mordecai and I were first married, we were on a very tight budget, and we didn't waste any food. We cleaned our plates; we used food before it spoiled; I even saved vegetable scraps to make broth.

Fast-forward seven years, and I am ashamed to say that we have gone downhill. While I don't feel guilty about not making vegetable broth, I do feel guilty about the amount of food I throw away. Occasionally I toss too-old leftovers or spoiled produce, but most of our waste is uneaten food from our kids' plates.

The natural answer would be to make sure the kids clean their plates, but I don't want to teach them to eat more than they need. I'm going to start serving them smaller portions. Since I started paying attention to waste a few weeks ago, I'm fast learning how much they'll probably be able to eat.

I'm going to try to help my family waste less food. Do you have any ideas for eliminating food waste in the kitchen and at the table?


  1. I find that if we don't make any new food until the leftovers are gone, we don't throw as much out. Hard to do though when sometimes the leftovers just aren't all that appealing. As for already plated food, I grew up in a home where the plate needed to be clean before I could leave the table. So currently I finish mine and times new roman's when she doesn't finish. We are not planning on having that rule with our children though so potion control will probably be key.

  2. bag it up and put it in the freezer if possible

  3. If my son hardly touches his dinner, I put it in a little container and let him try it again with his lunch the next day. I do this the most when I make a meal that my husband and I love but our son doesn't...that way we get to eat as much of the good stuff as we want and it doesn't get wasted on our son.

  4. *B* always takes leftovers for lunch at work the next day. Whatever we make, we cut into threes: one for him, one for me, and one for his lunch. Between that and freezing veggie scraps/veggies on their way out for stock, we've kept our waste pretty low.