Big to-do list

This weekend I overhauled my schedule.

It has been so long since I updated my daily plan sheet that I still had Red Chief doing preschool. Now I have spots each day to check off his homework, violin practice, job, clean room, and science experiment (yes, I try to do science with him every day because it's so important to him). Tiger Lily is doing violin too (for about three minutes at a time), and I want to start preschool with her soon.

I also created myself a weekly plan sheet, with a checklist for the things I hope to accomplish each week. I have a different list for each day—Monday kitchen, Tuesday upstairs, Wednesday laundry, Thursday living area, Friday bathrooms, etc. Some days' lists look dauntingly long, but I know that if I just get to work it really isn't that much to do.

Sometimes I remember things I need to do, but I know I can't do them right away. I made myself a giant to-do list to match my other planning sheets, and I thought others might find it useful too. I use lists like this as a brain dump, so I don't have to keep worrying that I'll forget things. It's very freeing to write things down and  know that the paper will keep track of them for me so my brain doesn't have to.

If you would like to print a copy of my big to-do list, you can download it here, or click on the image above. Just click on "Download Original" in the upper right corner when you get there.

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