Another little dress

Here's another dress I made from the same pattern as the last one. They look different, don't they? I used an off-white sheet for the sleeves, bodice flap, and skirt. I made the bodice, back and overskirt from this lovely purple print from Erin. I moved the bodice flap to the back and made six small buttonholes on the front bodice sides, then added a lace. I'm using 1/4" bias tape until I can find the black cording that I meant to use. Either I lost it in my mess of sewing things or one of the kids took off with it. Both are likely.

This dress, by the way, didn't cost me anything—the fabrics were both pass-alongs from others; the bias tape was a scrap, and the thread was on hand (the brown thread I used for the purple fabric belonged to my grandma!).

My sewing inspiration lately has been coming from Project Run and Play. I love that they're having a sew-along. I'm not committing to sewing along every week (I can't see myself sewing outerwear), but it would be very good for my sewing skills! It gave me the push I needed to finally try buttonholes for the dress I made for Tiger Lily. I just cut out a robe for Red Chief for boys' week. I can't tell whether I'll actually be able to finish it this week—it looks like it'll be a busy week! Red Chief has been wanting a robe for quite awhile, so I'm glad to have a reason to get started on it.


  1. So cute! Don't you just love finishing projects? I know I do!

    About the expense of the buttons you talk about in the linked post (I missed that dress while we were traveling, so thanks for linking back. I love the green). Anyway, expensive buttons: Those were pretty specific and cute, so I can see that in that case you probably had to buy new, but what I do to have buttons available is to buy anything with buttons on it cheaply. Like at rummage sales or thrift stores when they have fill a bag sales, etc. Or if I ever recycle any of our clothes into something else. I always cut off all the buttons and keep them to use for later.

    Also, lots of people have given me their old button jars, since they know I sew and they don't anymore. Or I've bought containers of buttons at thrift stores.

    Love seeing your sewing! You've inspired me to get out some of my own today. :)

  2. So sweet. And thanks for introducing me to Project Run & Play-fun site!