Recently tried recipes

  • Cranberry orange bread. This is a keeper! I used 2 cups cranberries and chopped them in the food processor. I'm sure it would be even better with nuts, but we didn't have any.
  • Chocolate chip pumpkin bread. Another keeper, although next time I'm using less nutmeg. I used regular chocolate chips instead of mini, but I chopped them in the food processor so they wouldn't sink. I also cut the sugar in half with no problems.
  • Rootbeer pulled pork. This was pretty good. The rootbeer added just a hint of odd flavor that I didn't love. Every time I make pork lately I realize once again that I just don't love pork. I guess I should stop making it. But if you like pork, I would recommend this recipe.
  • Soft and chewy peanut butter cookies. We all loved these. I like them so much better than the usual crumbly sort of peanut butter cookies. 
  • Latkes. Red Chief had these in school last week and begged for them at home until I finally made them one day for breakfast. They're not too much trouble to make in the morning, and I like the change of having something savory for breakfast—so many breakfast dishes are sweet. These turned out well and we'll make them again. I had to add a bit of extra flour, and I used 1/2 teaspoon onion powder in place of the onion—it was just too early to grate onion.
  • Pull-apart buns. I made these to go with the pulled pork, but between a doctor's appointment and a power outage, things didn't go exactly as planned. They were quite eatable, though, and I'd like to give them another chance under better conditions.
  • Whey muffins. I made these to use up some whey I had from draining yogurt. They were okay, but I wouldn't make them again. Instead I'd just use whey for liquid in one of my usual recipes.

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