Ready to clean

I used to clean toilets during college. Also vacuum, empty trash, and all sorts of other small thankless tasks that are so necessary. My official title was Student Custodian. I honestly didn't mind cleaning the toilets all that much. It was just another part of my job, and it wasn't so hard.

Skip forward ten years, and cleaning the bathroom is the job that I put off for the longest around the house. Of course it gets dirtier since I clean it less often, so whenever I do finally get around to it, it ends up taking forever.

As I was cleaning the shower last week, I noticed that my hand was getting fatigued from all the spraying (I spray the whole thing down with this). I longingly remembered the spray bottle that I used to use in college. It was huge. You pumped it several times and then it would spray continuously.

Then I thought, "Why can't I have one now?" I found this on Amazon and ordered it straight away. When it came, I filled the bottle with a big batch of my shower cleaner. (And I labeled it, because I'm trying to get better at labeling my homemade cleaners.)

When I went to put away my newly filled bottle, I had an aha moment. Cleaning used to be so easy because everything was ready for me. I had all the right equipment at my fingertips on a handy cart. My spray bottles were always full; there were always clean rags; everything had its place.

And so I reorganized my bathroom cleaning supplies. I got rid of the things that don't work for me. I put my supplies into a bigger tote, as the old one had been overstuffed. Now I just need to buy a smaller bottle of bleach that will fit into my tote, and I will be ready. Instead of grabbing my bathroom cleaning tote plus five other things, now it will all be in one place, ready for me.

And now for step two: actually cleaning the bathroom. Regularly.

I think step three will be figuring this out for other rooms in the house.


  1. One of the things that my mom does, that seems to help: every morning before getting in the shower she wipes down the toilet. You know, swish the brush around and wipe around the top with a paper towel. Doing it right before showering makes it so she doesn't "carry the potty germs all day."

  2. Yep. This is exactly what's on my agenda today: cleaning bathrooms. So what am I doing? Procrastinating and reading blogs... I like your organizing tips here, though. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Me too looking at it and stalling. Gonna try the cleaner she recommended.

  3. Using that bottle is so smart! My mindset is usually to just make do with what I have...but the right tools really do make the job easier. That means less time cleaning and more time having fun, right?!

    Okay...off to get one of those spray bottles.