Five things I want to clean before Christmas

  1. Blinds—I never dust them!
  2. Windowsills—the ones at kid-level get pretty grimy and fingerprinty.
  3. China cabinet—see dust and fingerprints above. Plus it's a good excuse to look through all my old cookbooks. And polishing wood is fun.
  4. The fireplace—it's front and center at Christmas, and it's usually dusty and fingerprinty (hmm, I'm sensing a theme)
  5. The computer desk—umm, you guessed it, more dust and fingerprints!

Are you doing any Christmas cleaning?


  1. Lots of cultures, even if they celebrate New Years at different times, do spring cleaning as a part of their New Year tradition. I say wait till New Years Day!

  2. I always get the cleaning bug right before Christmas. I'm one of those moms who tells her kids that Santa won't come unless our house is CLEAN. :D I like your list. Blinds are definitely on mine too. I looked at them yesterday and realized that they are completely gross.