100 years of fashion and hemlines

If you know me at all, you'll probably be confused at the title of this post, because since when have I ever cared about fashion? But I saw this movie on Erin's blog this morning and it reminded me of an article a teacher read in church yesterday: Hemlines up, up and away. I thought the article was cleverly written (from the point of view of the hemline itself), and I think the movie and article go well together.

What do you think about modesty, hemlines, and the current state of fashion? I know that I have more respect for myself and others have more respect for me because I keep myself covered. I really appreciate that my church suggests high standards of dress and modesty for its members, but think I can honestly say that I would maintain these standards even if I was a member of a different church—I seem to have been born a bit old-fashioned.

I know others have different opinions and ideas—what's yours? Do you think fashion over the past hundred years has gone uphill or downhill?

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  1. I am not "a fashionista", but I am a costume designer, and I love studying about fashion history.

    But I liked watching this video, because it made me think about the changes in fashion, in music, in dancing styles, in social norms. Those things are all so interconnected-- it's fascinating. I'll be pondering on this for a loooong time.

    Thanks for sharing this! :-)