Recently tried recipes

  • Orange chicken—I make some changes, and the recipe is badly written, but once I rewrite it it's going in my collection. Yummy, and much cheaper than take-out.
  • Chicken enchiladas—These were really good.
  • Baked eggs with spinach—This looked gross, since I used frozen spinach and the color got funny in the oven, but it tasted really good and it's cheap and fast to make. I'll make it again.
  • Tomato fried rice—Definitely a keeper. I made this several times when zucchini was in season. I haven't tried it with cucumber yet, but the recipe is flexible enough to use what you have. It's becoming a new lunchtime staple for us.
  • Spicy honey chicken salad—This was pretty good. Salad-loving Mr. Mordecai liked it more than I did. It's kind of a lot of work to make. Main-dish salads usually are.
  • Revolutionary macaroni and cheese—Evidently this is "revolutionary" because you cook the macaroni in milk, but a lot of pre-packaged pasta side dishes from the store use that technique. It tasted pretty good, but it's not very good-looking. Anyway, we'll be making it often for lunch, and this is why: I can bring it to a boil and then turn it off, cover, and leave it while I go get Red Chief from kindergarten. Then when we get back home I stir in the cheese and we're all set for lunch. I love eating pasta for lunch but after we get home from school, sometimes it can be close to 1pm before it's ready.
  • Chocolate pomegranate cookies—These were good, but more for the cookies than for the pomegranate aspect, which got lost in all that chocolate. If I were to make these again with pomegranate seeds, I would triple the proportion of seeds. I'd also make a smaller batch because the seeds shrivel up after a couple of days. But the recipe is certainly a keeper. The cookies taste like brownies, and we all liked them.
  • Gingered carrot cookies—Yum. If you like ginger, you should try these. The best thing about them is that just one is enough; you don't want to eat five of them in a sitting.
  • Perfect party cake—This is one of the best white cakes I have made. I loved the lemon flavor. I made a different frosting recipe and added lemon zest to it. So good.
  • Broccoli shells and cheese—I made this for the kids one night. The broccoli spears I added were so large we called it "macaroni and trees"—and of course, with a name like that, the kids ate it.
  • Pumpkin granola bars—I didn't like these. But they did get eaten, eventually.
  • Pumpkin cinnamon rolls—These were all right, but I prefer regular cinnamon rolls. I didn't feel that the pumpkin added much. Lesson learned: when you want to bake with pumpkin, stick to the classics.
  • Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting—Now these were yummy. Not healthy though. I do have a slight semantic issue with the title—it was definitely more of a pumpkin cake to me. 
  • Homemade peanut butter finger candy—This was supposed to taste like a Butterfinger bar. It was a pretty good approximation, and quite addictive.


  1. I want to try the peanut butter candy. Went to the store for chocolate squares last night. I'll let u know how they turn out

  2. just realized I don't have "corn syrup" so I used my baking squares to make chocolate covered strawberries instead. I had a gallon bag of strawberries in the freezer, and when they are frozen like that, they harden the chocolate immediately. Thawing in the fridge now for a nice Sunday treat.

  3. I think chocolate-covered strawberries sound even better! Wish I had some today. :)

  4. Annalise peeled off the chocolate and ate it and left the strawberries in the bowl, lol.

  5. I love the thought of feeding your kids macaroni and trees!