A kitchen day

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I got a head start last night soaking the black beans and making the artisan bread dough. When I'm done today, I'll have
  • a big pot of black beans
  • a chicken, cooked and picked
  • a big pot of homemade chicken broth
  • 2 1/2 quarts homemade yogurt
  • pumpkin purée (We have two large pumpkins from our garden. I may have to do the second pumpkin another day because they won't both fit in my oven!)
  • 1 1/2 batches of artisan bread dough, mostly for pizza
The trick about all of this is that it doesn't really take much time. The black beans sit in the slow cooker until they're done; the chicken simmers on the stove; the yogurt sits in the yogurt maker once it's started; the pumpkin sits in the oven; the bread dough sits on the counter and then in the fridge.

Now that it's all started, I just need to keep up my momentum when things finish—drain, rinse, package, and freeze the beans; pick the chicken and strain and store the broth; scoop out the pumpkin and purée the flesh.

I love how just a couple of hours in the kitchen can reduce my reliance on convenience foods for the next two weeks.

Current inspiration: The Kitchen Counter Cooking School and Ruhlman's Twenty

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  1. Love it! I just did my pumpkins last Saturday and it took forever (we had about ten pumpkins to do, though). But isn't it nice to know that healthy, home-grown food is just a freezer away?

    I've never done homemade yogurt. Maybe I'll have to call you and pick your brain on how you do it.