Books for a two-year-old

It's been awhile since I updated Tiger Lily's favorite books. At not quite 2 1/2, she has pronounced tastes and strong opinions. Here are some of her favorite books.

I love what she learns from them—counting from Ten Apples Up on Top, colors from Freight Train, and industry and food origin from The Little Red Hen. The Mercy Watson books are actually chapter books, but they're not too long and have great pictures. Red Chief and Tiger Lily both love Mercy Watson—in fact, Red Chief has a stuffed pig named for her.


  1. We love these books. When my girls were toddlers, one of their favorite books was But Not The Hippopotamus. My kids still love the Mercy Watson books. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  2. Such great books! We haven't read Mercy Watson yet, but I keep meaning to get them because all I hear are rave reviews. Thanks for sharing!