Three months of breakfast for four

We have food storage. I'm just not sure how much, since we're buying and using it constantly. Today I made a list of seven different breakfasts and listed how much of each ingredient we would need for three months' worth.

The menu:
Cream of wheat
Cornmeal mush
Peanut butter granola

This is actually what we eat for breakfast most of the time, with the addition of eggs. We would really miss eggs if we couldn't get to the grocery store! I have planned for a flaxseed egg replacement in the pancakes and waffles.

I am planning two amounts for dry milk. We've been using instant from the grocery store, but I also store non-instant from the LDS cannery. Instant milk has air incorporated into it, so the amounts needed are greater (1/3 cup for each cup of milk vs. 3 tablespoons for each cup of milk).

If anyone is interested in seeing the full meal plan for four, let me know and I can post it or email it to you.

Ingredient 3 months Amount
Oats 93.5 C 20 pounds
Flour 24 C 6.5 pounds
Cream of wheat 4.5 C 2 quart jars
Cornmeal 6 C 2 quart jars
Dry milk 39 C — 22 C 2 #10 cans
Raisins 17.5 C 4 24-ounce cansiters
Flaxseed 4 C 1 quart jar
Brown sugar 12.75 C 3 2-pound bags
Honey 2.75 C 1 jug
Sugar 1 C 1 pound
Salt 7 T 1 canister
Baking powder 12 T 1 canister
Oil 5 C 1 48-ounce bottle or 3 17-ounce bottles
Syrup 6 C 2 24-ounce bottles
Yeast .25 C 1-pound vacuum pack
Wheat bran 2.5 C 2 quart jars
Vanilla 2.5 T 1 bottle
Cinnamon 2.5 t 1 bottle
Nutmeg 2.5 t 1 bottle
Nuts 2.5 C 2 quart jars
Coconut 2.5 C 1 14-ounce bag
Peanut butter 4 C 1 40-ounce jar

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  1. I love that you broke this down by mealtime. How very helpful!

    By the way, I've given you The Versatile Blogger Award, if you'd like to stop by and pick it up.