Bountiful basket menu

Have you heard of Bountiful Baskets? We've been getting them for about five weeks now, and I love them! Bountiful Baskets is a co-op available in 16 states. You order your basket for $16.50 on Monday or Tuesday, and then on Saturday, you go pick up your basket of fruits and veggies (bring your own basket).

My two favorite things about them are (1) I'm forced to be creative with my menu to use up what we have, and (2) we have a set amount of fruits and veggies to eat each week, and it's a lot—so we're eating healthier.

I'm still grocery shopping every two weeks. The first week, I'll pick up my basket in the morning, plan my menu for one week, and go shopping. The second week, I'll use whatever I have around the house plus whatever comes in the basket to make up a menu.

This week, we got:
Lots of fruit

I also have some veggies around the house to use up:
Baking potatoes
Small potatoes

Here's my plan for this week:
Spaghetti, salad (using lettuce, carrot, cucumber, tomato)
Tomato and avocado salad with French bread
Broccoli-Cheddar twice-baked potatoes, salad
Broccoli cheese soup, refrigerator pickles, muffins, salad
Creamy cauliflower soup, small roasted potatoes, refrigerator pickles
Minestrone (using carrots, zucchini, celery, potato, garlic), fruit, bread
Pizza (using zucchini, tomato, garlic)

We have tons of fruit to use (still some left from last week). We always have fruit with lunch and sometimes with dinner. If I can serve it more often with dinner and sometimes with breakfast as well, I think we can get through it all this week.

To streamline things, I've been washing and cutting up all my lettuce the first time I use it, then storing it in quart jars in the fridge. It keeps really well that way, and it really cuts down on the work I have to do throughout the week. I think I'll do all the fridge pickles in one go this week, too.

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  1. I've been meaning to get on the Bountiful baskets wagon! I know it will get us eating healthier and I love that it makes you be creative and come up with ways to use all the produce. Looks like fun!