Yesterday, there was an unexpected knock at our door. A package? I didn't remember ordering anything. It turned out to be a beautifully wrapped box.

We were all pretty interested in it. 

Last week I won this at Panini Happy. It was fun to be the lucky one for once!

It reminds me of my old roommate's George Foreman grill, except much, much nicer. I can't wait to try it out—and I know right where to start, since there are so many fun recipes on Panini Happy. I'm excited to try out these grilled cheese croutons and also using the press to make a cake.

It also came with some coupons for free Sargento cheese, since they're the folks who sponsored the giveaway. Yum! 

Have you had panini before? Do you have any tips, recipes, or ideas for me?


  1. We have a panini press and love it! We just make normal sandwiches with meat, cheese, and tomatoes on it. Mr. Webb likes to put sun dried tomatoes on his. Also, they taste yummy if you butter the bread like a grilled cheese.

  2. Yum! I've been wanting one of those. Lucky you for winning one!

  3. Oh! Enjoy! We make panini's with our similar grill all the time, usually just deli turkey, swiss cheese and little ranch dressing on sourdough bread - so yummy1