More Red Chief-isms and Tiger Lily-isms

 2011, part 2 (they are ages 2 and 5 here)
  • Red Chief, to my mom: "Grandma, I need to tell you something. Tiger Lily bothers me every day and every week and every year, even on Christmas and my birthday."
  • Just caught Tiger Lily putting Mentholatum on the cat. I've never bathed a cat before, but I'm going to.
  • Red Chief: "The tickly water went into my throat and the air poured out of my cougher."
  • Red Chief: "I have lots of energy, Mom. More than you!"
  • At dinner tonight, Tiger Lily decided her baked beans were sunscreen and needed to be rubbed into her arms. Then I decided she needed a bath.
  • I have a cold. Red Chief has informed me that the germ that is making me sick is faster than my white blood cells. He's also making me drink large quantities of water.
  • Red Chief, who's mad: "Mom, you're turning my face red!" Also, "If you put me in the shower, I might turn electrical. Then you'll get shocked."
  • Red Chief: "Can I have a cookie?" Me: "We can have cookies when the missionaries come later." Red Chief: "I think the missionaries are diabetic."
  • Red Chief: "Mommy, I want something expensive. I want something expensive that you can buy."
  • Red Chief: "Tiger Lily, you really scared me!" Tiger Lily: "I don't scare you, Red Chief. I just a baby."
  • Red Chief: "Mommy, you painfulled my brain!"
  • Red Chief: "Sometimes my brain cells move all around my body!"
  • Red Chief: "Tiger Lily, we need to share Mommy, okay?" Tiger Lily: "No, you can't love Mommy. She's nice. Mommy not love you. I love her!"
  • Red Chief wants to know what mummies smell like.
  • Red Chief: "Mommy, did you know inside beavers it's really yucky in there? They're full of blood and yucky oozy stuff."
  • Red Chief: "Tiger Lily, I don't really like the face of you, so can you move somewhere else? Under the table." The worst part is that now she's actually doing it.
  • Mr. Mordecai: "Is that your pig, Tiger Lily?" Tiger Lily: "No. It's my cute pig."
  • In case I wondered how Red Chief feels about Tiger Lily, yesterday on the way home from school he said, "We should take Tiger Lily's stroller and drop it from a high place and then she'll say 'Waaaah!'"


  1. Ahhh...Kids. Gotta love em!

  2. That last one, lol.

  3. The energy part sure is true!